Governance & Opportunities

Take an active part in influencing the work of your Society.

Council and Forum

This is your chance to directly influence and shape the work of NSEAD and to make a difference to Art & Design education across the UK. Being elected to Council or Forum, and the experience that you will gain is excellent professional development. You will work alongside some of the leading experts and most passionate advocates for Art & Design education in the UK – and indeed internationally. Lifelong friendships and professional networks are built through Council and Forum.

Council is responsible for the governance of the Society. As a Council member you will be overseeing our strategic thinking as a subject association, a trade union and a learned society, guided by our Strategic Plan 2020-24, our Communications Strategy and our Policy Watch document. You will oversee the finances of the Society, supported by the Honorary Treasurer and have opportunity to be elected to our Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Forum is responsible for advising and supporting specific aspects of the work of the Society to fulfil the objectives of our Strategic Plan. Depending on your expertise or interests, you may be advising on or contributing to any of the following: advocacy and communications, initial teacher education, professional development, curriculum development, assessment and progression, partnership work, publications and content development and commissioning. You may initiate or join a time-limited Specialist Interest Group.

Meetings for both Council and Forum take place three times a year. Two of those meetings will be virtual. We use online conferencing for most of our NSEAD meetings. It is cost effective, but more importantly is a good use of your time, cutting out travel. It means that more people are able to be part of Council and Forum. Once a year Council and Forum come together for an ‘away day’ to explore the big issues and attend our AGM. This is held in a convenient location and is a great opportunity to meet your Council and Forum colleagues in person.

Anyone who is an individual member – Full Trade Union, Associate or Honorary – can be nominated for Council and Forum, with elections in September each year. We are looking for a breadth of experience, from across the full range of Art & Design Education and across the UK. You don’t have to be a teacher, and you don’t need years of experience. Just a strong commitment to our subject and the desire to work with others, to make a difference and advance art, craft and design in education.

We have six vacancies for Council, and two vacancies for Forum to join us in January 2020.  Download more information and nomination forms for Council, and Forum. Closing date for nominations is 12 noon on Friday 30th October 2020.

Special Interest Groups

Council are also responsible for setting up Special interest groups (SIGs) who focus on particular areas of work. They come together for a set period of time with a specific remit to research, prioritise and advise NSEAD Council. We currently have SIGs looking at issues in Initial Teacher Education, Gender and Inclusion and Design. Any member can be invited to join a SIG, if you have expertise that you would like to share, please contact the SIG chair.

Design in Art & Design – find out more here (link to follow)

Gender and Inclusion – find out more here (link to follow)

Initial Teacher Education – find out more here (link to follow)

Advocacy - Chair: Simon Columb

Cultural Capital - Chair: Sarah Phillips

Examinations - Chair - Kimberley Appleyard- Pallot

Best Practice - Chair - Andy Ash

Well Being - Co-chairs: Amanda Skilton, Brad Hodgson, Marlene Wylie



NSEAD Constitution and Rules

NSEAD vision and mission is guided by our Constitution and Rules. 

The NSEAD's Constitution and Rules can be seen here.

The Terms of Reference for NSEAD Governance can be seen here.

The NSEAD Social Media Policy for staff and volunteers can be seen here.



Vacancies on our Boards and Council will be listed here.