Gender and Inclusion

The Gender and Inclusion SIG will be reformed in 2020. It will aim to address the growing gender divide in art and design. Specifically in 2017-18, it aimed to research and identify trends. When it is reformed in 2020 it will aim to identify best gender inclusive practice


The objectives of this SIG are:

  • To published evidenced-based data to identify any trends that indicate there is a participation and attainment gender divide in art and design.
  • To publish a gender and inclusion themed AD magazine which has: Evidenced-based data that can be shared and sourced; examples of gender inclusive best practice in art & design.



This SIG was initially led by Sophie Leach (deputy general secretary). Members of NSEAD Forum and Council have helped source and scrutinise data. This includes past-president Susan Coles and vice-president Patricia Brown.



The work of this SIG began in 2017. It will be reformed in 2020.