KS1 & 2 (ages 5-11+)

A list of resources for primary aged learners Years 1-6/ P2-7

Noel Fielding's Art Club 

twitter.com/noelfielding11 and @FieldmiceArt

Every day, Noel Fielding's Art Club is encouraging people to post their artistic efforts on Twitter and every day Fielding and his friends will pick a winner. This is open to people of all ages.


Royal Institute of British Architects


RIBA have created a set of engaging and easy to use resources for people of all ages and interests to explore architecture from home. Some of them will develop your skills or teach you something new about architecture, some you can do together as a group and some all you need is your imagination. Activities separated in to 'Learning at home' and 'Curriculum based activities'.


Gomersal Primary School Creative Home Schooling Ideas


A creative learning at home blog, with activities for children to do at home.


Arts and Culture


This is an amazing resource for all sorts of things, from virtual museum tours, to exploring artists and their work, to sourcing contextual referencing for projects. It is an amazing for research for KS2-Post 16.

Dr Rachel Payne, Senior Lecturer in Art Education, President NSEAD


We are Teachers


We are Teachers have compiled  '40 Kindergarten Art Projects That Inspire Creativity in Every Student’.  There are links to a range of other websites with full details for the projects, which can be adapted for older learners.

Dr Emese Hall, Primary Education Senior Lecturer and Vice-President of NSEAD


Tate Kids 


Tate's website has ideas for making, quizzes and games, facts and videos about artists, art movements 


Museum of London Archaeology - Inventive Vents


MOLA are asking families to take up the Inventive Vents Challenge: design their own ventilation shaft and draw, paint, collage or make a model of their idea. There are also resources for extending the project and taking a more in-depth look at the history of underground London.


Culture Street


There are 4 ‘channels’ to choose from: art, museum, books, stage. It includes: ‘workshop’ and ‘have a go’ sections with ideas for exploring and making, a showcase gallery, and plenty of information and videos on a wide range of artists. Also suitable for 11+ age group.


BBC Bitesize

A range of BBC clips themed by discipline, visual & tactile elements; Media and materials; Inspiration and investigation; Design Activities.


Liz Lawrence, NSEAD Forum member


Cassie Stevens


This is the website of super dynamic US elementary art teacher Cassie Stevens. Here you can find lots of links to resources including YouTube videos, with step-by-step guidance for different art, craft and design projects.

Dr Emese Hall, Primary Education Senior Lecturer and Vice-President of NSEAD


Craft Club – Origami challenge


The Crafts Council introduce origami and how to make a march hare.


Craft Club – Finger knitting 


The Crafts Council introduce finger knitting with two strands 2 strand.


Access Art resources for home learners


Access Art have collated art resources to use at home. They also share a collection of visual arts learning resources for teachers and educators – aimed at primary phase upwards. 


Paul Carney Arts


Paul provides art, craft and design lesson, ideas and resources, many of which are now open access. 


Magic Lantern


Magic Lantern is an educational charity that runs interactive art history workshops. During Lockdown period they have created lesson notes and resources to encourage children to explore art and art history.