Code of Conduct

The Society expects that all NSEAD Consultant Members will subscribe to and adhere to the NSEAD Consultant Members Code of Conduct.


Shall commit to maintaining the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality in all dealings with potential, current and past clients. Shall protect all confidential information concerning clients in the course of providing services and make disclosures only with the consent of the client or if required by law.


Will conduct any consultancy honestly and honourably and act in such a manner to uphold the reputation and good standing of the Society.

Duty of care

Shall ensure actions and advice will always conform to the relevant law and will avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of the clients with whom they deal, the local and wider environment and the well being of the Society at large.

Conflict of interest

Shall not provide a service to a direct competitor of a client or in knowing competition with another member on the NSEAD Consultant Members database.

Shall not publicise his/her services or allow his/her services to be publicised in association with any goods or services available from any other source in such a way as might call into question the independence of his/her professional advice or give rise to a conflict of interest when providing advice or consultancy.

Shall declare to prospective clients any financial or other interests in relevant organisations providing goods or services.

Shall ensure his/her professional judgement is not influence by commercial considerations.


Shall try to meet any contractual requirements of a client.


Shall agree fees and basis of charges clearly in advance, and in writing set against a clear brief, so that clients can plan clearly in advance and plan for what is ahead, how it is to be achieved and financially justified.

Shall endeavour to provide competitive fees for services offered.

Shall set a fee for a service only when he/she has received enough information to make an informed judgement on the nature of the work required.


Shall aim to be flexible on the way services are charged, to include fixed fees or retainers.

Intellectual property and moral rights.

Shall retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that he/she creates unless agreed in advance with the client. Shall make this clear to the client prior to beginning work. Shall respect the moral and intellectual right vested in our clients’ intellectual property.

Quality assurance

May state he/she is recognised as an NSEAD Consultant Member and shall support the growth and objectives of the Society.

Shall maintain the quality of what he/she does through consistent review with clients regarding the aims, objectives, activities, outcomes and cost effectiveness of activities and services.

Professional practice and conduct

Shall maintain and develop his/her professional knowledge and expertise.

Shall conduct activities professionally, with integrity and in the best interests of the client.

Shall decline or refer on any request for a service, advice or training unless able to deliver or perform them to a professional and competent manner.

Shall ensure that within all aspects of his/her work promote good practice to include good health and safety practice.

All consultants on the list to confirm they have Professional Liability Insurance and to make clear to clients what this covers.

Equality and discrimination

Shall strive to be fair and objective in advice and actions.

Shall seek to promote and provide good practice within the context of equal opportunities and inclusion.

The Society reserve the right to withdraw members from its NSEAD Consultant Member list if any clause of the Code of Conduct is infringed.

Members will be informed in writing and have the right to appeal against the decision. The decision of the Society will be final.

An NSEAD Consultant Member must immediately inform the Society of any criminal convictions not including driving offences.

NSEAD will seek to keep members details up to date and to promote and manage the site. NSEAD will not be responsible for the outcomes of any negotiations or financial agreements between an NSEAD Consultant Member and a client.