Mary Wiltshire

Area of professional expertise:- • New technologies and interdisciplinary approaches • Support planning and introducing new arts-based courses • Developing academic approach to learning

Area of professional expertise

• New technologies and interdisciplinary approaches

• Support planning and introducing new arts-based courses

• Developing academic approach to learning

• Visual Literacy

• Creativity in the classroom


• Cross Curricular projects

• Whole School Art Initiatives

• Schemes of work for boys

• Assessment for Learning

• Running successful departments

• Gallery workshops - getting students out of classroom experiences

• Primary Liaison Projects

• Skills support and development for Primary teachers

• Working with Contemporary Artists.

• Community projects.

Biographical statement

There is a quote I love by Maya Angelou: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

When I began teaching 15 years ago I always come back to this because engagement is key. My educational philosophy is based on a diet of Experience (The personal reaction we have to art works and the world around us and how we process this through our own art work, our visual literacy skills and our emotive reactions) and Relationships (All teaching and experience is based on positive relationships; a positive and engaging classroom learning environment, personal and constructive feedback to students, the relationships with peers and the relationship with our art work).

Earlier in life I completed a degree at Portsmouth University studying Historical Studies. I specialised in Modernism and a healthy supply of Art History electives.

After my degree I was employed in the Media where I worked for GWR, MTV, was headhunted for the BBC and then onto YTV. Retraining as an Artist I completed a HE Certificate in Interdisciplinary Art at Leeds College of Art and Design. This led to Leeds University to complete my PGCE. Later on I also gained a CAEP on the Artist Teacher Scheme through Oxford Brookes.

Up until know I have worked in Swindon working as an Art Teacher, Head of Department and Head of Faculty. I have built up 15 years teaching experience and also keep up my personal practice as an Artist.

Within this time I have led whole-school training on raising the attainment of boys and completed research projects on PPG students and their access to resources. Primary Transition has seen me plan, co-ordinate projects with various year groups building confidence in Art. In the last few years I developed a sequence of lessons for KS3 students based on Art and Literacy as an intervention and looking to raise Literacy rates though Art. The running of a Department and Faculty has given me an excellent track record in results and working with staff structures and re-structure. The introduction of new courses is something I have numerous experience of. I am able to support schools in introducing new subjects into their curriculum. My experience of teaching is across Fine Art, Art and Design, Textiles, Graphic Communication and Photography. I have been published in AD Magazine though NSEAD with my work gaining grants and getting students out to galleries.

I am experienced in cross curricular projects and familiar with the STEAM subjects; relating work to wider world and looking at how it impacts on our lives. Previously I have worked with organisations within the local community, including creating student led art work for Swindon Town Football Club, local Primary Schools and churches. Mural painting is an area that has seen me create a better space for a 100 hostel children in a school in India in Tamil Nadu. A space for art can improve our wellbeing and environment.

I have delivered mentoring and planning for PGCE, SCITT and GTP teachers and have experience of coaching teachers, as well as developing the skills of teachers that I have performance managed.

I have found that creating a Professional Practice Module at A-Level that pushes and extends students working in partnership with local galleries is a great way to develop independence in students. In addition, I have spent time working with children in outward bounds centres and have developed arts based learning working with the environment.

Recently I ran a teacher training course for teachers on how to start A-level Photography courses at their own schools. I also offer art workshops to the local community.

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