NSEAD 2021 - Conversation 3. Equity is...Value +Voice.

Join us for this primary focused conversation, led by the Young Art Leaders from Palm Bay Primary school in Margate. We will be asking: 'How can your local galleries and museums be a space to explore what your pupils value?'

Online conversation 3: 20 May - In conversation with the National Gallery - Equity is... Value + voice

Wendy James | Architect and Partner at Garbers & James Architects 

Palm Bay Primary Young Arts Leaders | Palm Bay Primary School

Mel Tong | Primary teacher and Artist

Laura Emanuel | Class Teacher from St Thomas Community Primary School, Swansea.

Karen Eslea | National Gallery, Head of Learning and National Programmes


‘The Artwork’: The Two Friends | by Toulouse Lautrec, The National Gallery Collection

20 May 2021

Time: 4- 6.15pm (BST)


This is an open session Members FREE, non-members suggested donation: £15

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See what the Palm Bay Young Art LEaders say about their choice of 'The Two Friends'

Full list of speakers here


16:00 – 16:10  | Welcome: Dr Rachel Payne, Immediate Past President, NSEAD 

16:10 – 16:25  | The Expert View 'What do we Value?': Palm Bay Primary pupils in conversation with Mel Tong

16:25 – 17:00 | Presentation,: Karen Eslea 

17:00 – 17:35  | Presentation, ‘My Primary School is at the Museum’:  Wendy James 

17:35- 18:00 | Breakout sessions: 'How can your local galleries and museums be a space to explore what your pupils value'

18:00 – 18:15 | Continuing the conversation, ‘Words to Action: next steps’: Sophie Leach, Deputy General Secretary