NSEAD 2021 - Conversation 4. Equity is...Being Well + Belonging

The NSEAD manifesto calls for a recognition that art, craft and design education is a building block of social cohesion. It underpins our cultures, the economy and - crucially at this time - is vital for personal development, for health and wellbeing. Join this artist-led session as we consider what this means for our students, and for us as educators. Practical activity as we engage with Zubaran's painting, mindful origami and inspiring conversations.

Thursday 8 July 2021 

4:00 - 6:15pm

Online session - you will need paper, basic materials, scissors and some natural objects to inspire you.



Scott Shillum  | The Photography Movement

Jo Lewis | National Gallery Artist Educator

Honey Dearsley | Artist 

Bradley Hodgson | NSEAD Forum member


‘The Artwork’ A Cup of Water and a Rose, Francisco De Zubaran | The National Gallery Collection 

Time: 4-6.15 pm (BST)


16:00 – 16:10  | Welcome:  Michele Gregson NSEAD General Secretary

16:10 - 16:15 | Belonging:  Honey Dearsley

16:15 – 16:45 | Artist response to The Artwork: Jo Lewis, National Gallery Artist Educator

16:45 – 17:10 | Presentation, ‘Show and Tell’: Scott Shillum, Co-founder The Photography Movement 

17:10 – 17:35 |  Panel discussion – Scott Shillum and members of the NSEAD CKC (Creative Kindness Community), chaired by Bradley Hodgson

17:35 -18:00 | Mindful Origami: Honey Dearsley

18:00 – 18:15 | Michele Gregson: Thanks and a gift from NSEAD

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Image credit: Francisco Zurburan: A cup of Water and a Rose, Courtesy of the National Gallery Collection