Leading Primary Art and Design CPD live workshop

For primary school teachers registered on the leading primary art and design CPD course. Join course facilitator Susan Ogier for a practical workshop and drop in clinic.

For primary school teachers registered on the leading primary art and design CPD course. Find out more about how to enrol on the course here


Who is it for?

For primary teachers who are looking to develop the Art and Design curriculum area in their schools. 


How will this session enhance my learning from the e-learning course?

This session provides you with a chance to reflect on your learning so far

Ask questions directly to the course facilitator 

A chance to meet some other primary colleagues and benefit from hearing about their experiences and challenges

Take part in a practical workshop and get live feedback


What is the format?

Live online course delivered through zoom


What can I expect?

This session is for existing students of the Leading Primary Art and Design CPD course. 

Split into two sections the session will include a practical workshop and a drop in clinic

The practical workshop will focus on your skills development and give you some practical ideas to take back to the classroom.

The drop in clinic will be a open space where you can ask the course facilitator for clarification, further advice or specific support. 

These sessions will happen termly, and you may attend all sessions should you wish, please note you DO NOT need to have fully completed the e-learning course to attend, all members who are enrolled in the course are encouraged to attend. 


What is included?

This is an NSEAD digital live course (hosted on zoom). These sessions will not be recorded so live attendance is essential. The course will involve workshops, the sharing of ideas and open and honest conversation.


Register here


Date: Thursday 23rd February

Time: 4 – 5pm

Any questions please email the team at [javascript protected email address]