Lou Mycroft - Co-Creating Community - Hope for the Future

Lou is an changemaker and social entrepreneur. She works pan-organisationally, anti-competitively and pro-socially with changemakers and policymakers across further education and beyond, to enact new values-led possibilities. This takes graft, and there are still people looking out for magic bullets, but change is in the air. Lou is a co-founder of the collective movement #JoyFE and social enterprises FE Constellations and Thinking Cultures.

Co-Creating Community - Hope for the Future

Our lives are shaped and constrained by invisible structures and it’s easy to feel powerless, even about the small things. In this talk, Lou shares a model of co-creative working which brings strength and clarity through connection. Expect to be entertained, equipped, and even a little inspired by the Golden Unicorns, Bowerbirds, and other joyful companions.