iJADE 2021 'Hybrid Spaces: Re-imagining pedagogy, practice and research'

The annual conference of the International Journal of Art and Design Education   26 March - 28 March 2021

This year's conference will give you the opportunity  to reflect on  new and adapted conceptual, digital and physical spaces for practice.


Registrations available for single-day admission or for the three-day programme


Three-day early-bird rate: extended until 29th January

General Admission: £78

NSEAD members: £65


One-day early bird rate:

General Admission: £39

NSEAD members: £32


This year’s iJADE conference will be hosted online. We will focus on new and adapted conceptual, digital and physical spaces for our practice. The past few months have challenged all of us working in Art and Design education and research, to re-imagine and review our practice. As well as addressing the challenges and barriers that have emerged, we will focus on opportunities for reflection and innovation in our pedagogy. Research developments and approaches that are showing potential to help us understand and evaluate new and hybrid pedagogies, modes of engagement and participation are welcomed. The conference will run over three days, each with a different theme:

• Societal, environmental and political impact

• Participation, inclusion and access

• Creativity and wellbeing

You are warmly invited to submit abstracts of 100 words (max) for short papers on the above themes, to be presented online at the conference. These might include (but are not limited to) topics on related issues of digital inclusion; collaboration and isolation; cognitive dissonance; the ethics of using technology; the importance of art and design for mental health and wellbeing; the importance of physical encounters with practice; VR gallery learning experiences; blended learning approaches; affective digital presence; community connection; public pedagogies.

Bookings open now

Please follow the link to submit your abstract: https://chester.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/abstract-submission-ijade-online-conference-2021

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