Paul Dash

Chair for the Leading action for equity premiere

Paul Dash, artist, leading academic and writer. Born in Barbados and came to Britain in 1957, where he was later associated with the Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM). Describing the subject matter of his paintings, Dash has said: "The key themes in my work are street festivals and carnival (mas). It is partly in these popular art forms that African diasporic communities throughout the Americas and elsewhere maintain continuity with African traditions. My identity as an artist is fixed in the fun and spectacle, and ultimately the social and political resistance of mas." His pedagogical writing has been particularly concerned with multicultural and anti-racist art education.


In this premiere, Paul will be reading an excerpt from his new autobiography Foreday Morning. The book tells of growing up under the influences of two disparate cultures and is a multi-faceted drama that examines the tensions of race and colour in the colonial Caribbean and modern Britain. Find out more about his book here