Saranjit Birdi

Speaker for the Leading your practice – from visibility to 'thisability' event

Saranjit Birdi is an inter-disciplinary artist trained in architecture and dance. His practice ranges from performance drawing and painting, public sculpture, animation and film, to arts-in-health. 


Drawing, a lifelong passion, is a primary media in his arts practice.  In 1997 he discovered an ability to draw accurately with various parts of his body, believing this stemmed from his conditioning in dance and martial arts, merged with an experimental approach to drawing.


He established his arts practice in 2000. After a professional Arts-in-Health qualification in 2007, his interest moved from using drawing for architectural design and fine art to rehabilitation of people with impaired movement. This developed into a concept ‘Thisability’ based around proprioception and kinesthetics.



“I created the concept of ‘Thisability’ in 2010 whilst exploring drawing with different parts of the body and its use in rehabilitation for people with impaired movement, it is literally the sense of 'being' ". Saranjit Birdi

Note: There is no affiliation with the company 'ThisAbility- Limited' 


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