Steve Wallington

Chair and speaker for the Leading voices, supporting your pupils to be ‘heard’ as artists event

Steve has over 20 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing industry and has received multiple awards for best content agency, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

He is an experienced Creative Director and curator, working for and with brands across the globe including MTV, Levis, BBC, ITV and Hackett London. 

Steve has also founded several successful companies such as a vintage t-shirt label brand Worn By, Vanishing Point films, INN London and his most recent adventures being The Photography Movement and Show and Tell.


More about Show and Tell

The Photography Movement is a non-profit organisation and was launched in 2017 after experiencing the loss of close family and friends to suicide. It was founded to help people of all ages express their feelings and emotions around mental health through the medium of photography. By using a carefully curated programme of exhibitions, workshops and talks, The Photography Movement enables and encourages people to compose, capture and share images that tell the story of how they feel.


Show and Tell was created during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 for young people aged 10 - 18, providing them with free online photography workshops with world known photographers, teaching them practical skills as a way to express their emotions to help support their mental health. To date, Show and Tell is currently working with over 500 schools worldwide, providing photography, film and PSHE workshops, and both an online exhibition and a UK nationwide billboard campaign of children and young people’s images. Further empowering them with the skills needed to process and express their feelings as a way to improve their mental health.


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