Belonging: Dialogues for culturally responsive art & design education

Friday 11 November - Sunday 13 November 2022


This year’s iJADE conference will be hosted online.

In times of political, economic, environmental, and societal turbulence, Culturally Responsive Education challenges all of us. 

How can Art and Design Education be relevant to the lives of all learners, including their varied social worlds, identities and intersections, their backgrounds, heritage, and lived experiences? 

These debates are accelerating and intensifying. One global impetus comes from the Black Lives Matter movement as it seeks to uncover and transform current racialised injustices through shared forms of reflection and action. Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Decolonisation, the central tenets of Culturally Responsive Education, have the power to disrupt and transform existing educational structures and practices across all educational sectors, globally. And yet real changes often happen too slowly. 

How can we enlist our knowledge, practice and curricula in responding to these challenges? What role can art and design education play in the genuine transformations of our institutions and pedagogies, creating a sense of belonging for all learners?

We plan to feature papers with a wide range of responses and approaches to the issues raised including (but not limited to) the following questions and themes:

  • What is unique about Art and Design in supporting Culturally Responsive Education?
  • How can we connect Art and Design curricula, at all levels, with diverse communities?
  • What roles can universities and schools play in the future of Culturally Responsive Education in Art and Design?
  • ‘Powerful knowledge’ in the Art and Design curriculum
  • To what extent should Art and Design Education be concept or content driven/process or knowledge-based in support of culturally responsive aims?
  • Does Art and Design practice constitute its own field of knowledge?
  • The role of disciplinary/interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary communities in Art and Design Education
  • Art and Design curricular, agency and communities of enquiry
  • Decolonising the Art and Design curriculum
  • Diversifying knowledge and authority of knowledge in museums and galleries
  • Pedagogies that promote diversity as a creative resource
  • Knowledge and curricula in the art school
  • Art practice as a form of knowledge

The deadline for abstract submissions has now closed for 2022.

The deadline for registration has now closed for 2022.

Image © Alberta Whittle, Glasgow School of Art MFA 2011


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