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We plan to feature papers with a wide range of responses and approaches to the issues raised including (but not limited to) the following questions and themes:

  • What is unique about Art and Design in supporting Culturally Responsive Education?
  • How can we connect Art and Design curricula, at all levels, with diverse communities?
  • What roles can universities and schools play in the future of Culturally Responsive Education in Art and Design?
  • ‘Powerful knowledge’ in the Art and Design curriculum
  • To what extent should Art and Design Education be concept or content driven/process or knowledge-based in support of culturally responsive aims?
  • Does Art and Design practice constitute its own field of knowledge?
  • The role of disciplinary/interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary communities in Art and Design Education
  • Art and Design curricular, agency and communities of enquiry
  • Decolonising the Art and Design curriculum
  • Diversifying knowledge and authority of knowledge in museums and galleries
  • Pedagogies that promote diversity as a creative resource
  • Knowledge and curricula in the art school
  • Art practice as a form of knowledge


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Call for papers submit by the 1st October 2022