Sonia Boue

Anglo-Spanish artist Sonia Boue has a performative and responsive multiform visual arts practice.

She is also a writer and a consultant for neurodiversity in the arts. Situated between her studio, and online spaces, Boué’s practice encompasses many forms to articulate a concern with home and the domestic as metaphors for exile and displacement. This touches both on the historic and the contemporary, and is often autobiographical. She is also at the forefront of neuro-inclusive research based arts practice in the UK. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in digital form at Tate Britain, the BBC, and Bodleian Library in Oxford. She has performed in the UK, Ireland, and Spain.


Find our more about Sonia's work here:

Instagram @s_boue

Twitter @SoniaBoue




NUNO project

NUNO was the outcome of Boué’s original ACE funded research and is a touchstone example of

neuro-inclusive participatory practice, which feeds into Sonia's sector support work as a consultant

and mentor.


Am I Autistic?

Free downloadable PDF booklet published by BOM (Birmingham Open Media)

Am I autistic? has been written by Sonia Boué for you to use as a point of reference to inform pre-

diagnosis. It is a booklet which allows you to ‘dip in and out’, to find the elements of guidance that you need. 


Recent work

The Artist is Not Present

The event We are Invisible We are Visible was presented by DASH, the disabled led visual arts organisation, and was awarded the 2021 Ampersand Prize. 

Sonia Boué’s intervention at Site Gallery, The Artist is Not Present explored conditional visibility and invisible disability. A playful ambivalence runs through her work for the WAIWAV intervention.

The Artist is Not Present was a durational performance live streamed from the artist’s studio, on 2 July between 12 – 6 pm. Boué inhabited and embodied a living Dadaist collage in her studio installation via the Instagram Live platform.

Boué's primary focus for the piece reflects a concern with the documentation and dissemination of performance traces using the multiple lenses employed during its enactment. 

Origin Story

Online exhibition of photomontages made during Sonia Boué’s Arts Council England funded R&D project called Neurophototherapy, presented in accessible formats. origin-story