1 June 2022 Member Newsletter (260)

Creative philanthropy in action

The annual #NSEAD2022 conference kicked off last week with a fantastic session led by NSEAD patron Bob and Roberta Smith. 

Our focus was leadership through activism, and it was a session that moved and excited us all. Student Lily Pfaffenzeller reminded us how it feels to be inspired by the courage of artists and the desire to change the world. Director of the Foundling Museum, Caro Howell, traced a clear line of ‘creative philanthropy’ from Hogarth through to David Shrigley and reminded us of the power of young people to be agents for change.

And as for Bob... there was laughter, there were tears, there was art, there was even a song! Just what we needed and enough to raise the spirits of the most exhausted NSEAD member. It reminded me that every art educator is an activist, a creative philanthropist. You make a positive donation to the greater good and civic society every day, just by doing what you do - teaching art, craft and design. Don’t stop!

Wishing you all some rest and respite over this extended bank holiday weekend.

Michele Gregson

General Secretary


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