11 January 2023 Member Newsletter (272)

Time to stand together

Welcome all to a New Year, with much to give us hope and focus for art, craft and design education. Over the coming months there will be plenty to inspire, educate and celebrate. 

And, we begin the year in that spirit as we give a huge thanks to our outgoing President Liz MacFarlane, and welcome President Marlene Wylie.

I want to thank Liz for her incredible support over the last three years – firstly as President Elect alongside President Dr Rachel Payne, and then as President guiding the Society through two challenging years. Liz has been a constant support, bringing a much-needed pragmatism to the role. Her work to build relationships with the DfE and other policymakers has been invaluable, ensuring that NSEAD is always recognised as the leading organisation for art, craft and design education.

Liz will make the official handover of the presidency at our first meeting of Council this year, on the 28th January, when we will meet online and/or at the Whitworth in Manchester.

Marlene takes up the Presidency at a time of historic shift in education, and society. I know that she has a strong vision for NSEAD, and her work has only just begun. Watch out world!

Michele Gregson

NSEAD General Secretary


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