19 October 2022 Member Newsletter (267)

The results of the indicative ballot

NSEAD Trade Union members have given us a very clear response to the question of whether they should take industrial action in protest at the pay awards being proposed for teachers. Alongside our fellow education trade unions, we have been consulting with members to determine support for action.

Both NSEAD and the NEU conducted an online consultative ballot carried out by an independent scrutineer, as well as internal surveys. Our consultative ballot for those Trade Union members working in schools in England closed on Friday, 14 October. An overwhelming majority did not indicate their support for strike action or action short of strike.

As recorded by the scrutineers, just 17% of our membership actively indicated that they would be prepared to strike, and 18% to take action short of strike. 

Amongst members of the NEU, the percentage indicating support for strike action was 53%; a narrow majority, but given the challenges ahead, it is by no means a certainty that their ballot will result in strike action next term.

I want to thank all of our members for your careful, principled attention at this crucial moment for the profession. I know that every one of you is weighing up the individual circumstances in your schools, colleges and universities as we contemplate devastating cuts to budgets and a UK economy that is in a precarious position.

Industrial action of course sends a powerful message to Government and employers – but it is only part of the story. Together NSEAD members will find creative ways to protest, lobby and achieve the change that we all need: for teachers, for learners, for the future of our subject.

Michele Gregson

General Secretary


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