23 March 2022 Member Newsletter (255)

A message of solidarity and unity

On Saturday NSEAD members met in London under the NSEAD banner. Members, families, children, educators marching together, with one clear message: We will not tolerate racism in our workplaces and communities.

Ten thousand marched in London, 2,000 in Glasgow and 700 in Cardiff, in a show of solidarity. The marches were organised by Stand up to Racism, and supported by the TUC. It was a great day – the sun shone, and it was fantastic to meet up with some of our fantastic NSEAD family. We were reminded that gathering together isn’t just a public show of strength, it gives us strength.

When we draw together in this way, our values, our humanity is validated – and we know that we can stand up to racism, discrimination and hatred.

This week the TUC Unions have written to the Government demanding a date for an employment bill in the wake of the P&O scandal. We cannot accept the appalling way that these workers have been treated, and NSEAD are proud to sign this letter on behalf of our members.  As members of the TUC, we are part of a movement of 5.5 million workers. When we stand up for one, we stand up for all.

United, we can make a difference.

Michele Gregson

General Secretary


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