25 January 2023 Member Newsletter (273)

Action Stations

One of the wonderful things about NSEAD is that it is home to art educators from all over the UK (and beyond), across all sectors, phases and stages. Our combined expertise comes from a wide range of age and experience – from those who are retired but are still active advocates for art education, to those who are in the very first years of their careers in education. 

Many of our members working in schools will only have experienced industrial action as a pupil, not as a professional in dispute with Government. In 2023 we have an unprecedented situation, with a wave of action from public and private sector workers taking action over pay – but also fighting for the survival of vital services.  

Currently the EIS, UCU and NEU have declared strike action. NSEAD fully supports those trade unions who have called for strike action and action short of strike – and those that haven’t. The lack of funding for any pay increases, presents a particular threat to our members. The failure of Government to invest in our schools, colleges and universities and to adequately reward the education workforce continues to have a devastating effect on the profession, and the learners that we all work for. 

In every workplace there will be many, many staff who are not part of official strike action, but support the cause. You may be working in a school, college or university where colleagues are striking. 

If that is the case, please make sure that you read carefully the advice and guidance that we have put together (see below).

By knowing what your rights and responsibilities are, you can support local and national action taken by the EIS, UCU and NEU and be part of the fight for a fully-funded pay increase. When you refuse to cover work that would normally done by those taking action you are playing your part to help achieve the aims of the action.

Strike or no strike, let’s continue to stand together. 

Michele Gregson

General Secretary


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