6 April 2022 Member Newsletter (256)

More than Robots

As many schools in the UK were preparing to break for the Easter holidays, last week the UK Government published a long-awaited White paper setting out the DFE’s vision for education over the next decade. Pulling together the policy strands (or so called ‘golden threads’) of the last decade, this is a document that really brings the Gove-Gibb policy chickens home to roost. 

For all the talk of levelling up and opportunity for all, the vision set out in this White paper leads us towards a future where schools are centrally directed, organised according to cookie-cutter education models and delivered by curriculum operatives.

I know that NSEAD members will resist any vision of education that doesn’t give them the space and time to deliver an art, craft and design curriculum with content and approaches that are relevant for thier learners. You are renowned for your independence, your professional confidence and your creative integrity. NSEAD members are not robots! 

Let’s work together to present a positive vision for education - bringing together the very best practice from across the four nations - where all learners can thrive and achieve their full creative potential. 

Michele Gregson 

General Secretary 


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