OAK National Academy and NSEAD partnership - The Art, Craft and Design Primary Curriculum Plan 2020-21

In partnership with the OAK Academy, NSEAD has worked with our expert educator primary phase members to create a Curriculum Plan for Art, Craft and Design at key stage 1 and 2. 

The Art , Craft and Design Curriculum Plan will support primary teachers and subject leads to plan an outstanding local art, craft and design curriculum. You can download the curriculum plan, which includes subject structure and sequence in both PDF and word formats.  Visit the 'Primary' section to find the art, craft and design plan.

We are grateful to NSEAD member community who have brought research, knowledge and practice to the OAK National Academy Primary resources. Read about our work here.

For each key stage there is a plan that provides:

  • An overview of the principles we’ve followed
  • How we’ve organised and structured different elements of the curriculum
  • The units that make up the curriculum
  • One or more optional sequences you can teach these in

In 2021 we will continue to partner with OAK Academy and we look forward to publishing exciting exemplar lessons for each unit of work.