Cultural capital in art and design

Cultural capital in art and design SIG has completed its work. Find out more...

In 2020, the NSEAD Special Interest Group for Cultural Capital, set out a challenge to identify  and 'unlock' what cultural capital looks like – or might look like – in a variety of settings. In May 2021, the Special Interest Group, published nine films which individually and collectively explore the myriad of ways cultural capital is, or could be, embedded in to art, craft and design education, in different phases and locations. Visit our Films section for more information.

On behalf of all our members and partners, we wish to thank every member of the SIG. Their collective expertise and project management has ensured Cultural Capital films and article are an important resource for art educators everywhere. Thank you:

Sarah Phillips 

Susan Coles

Sue Gibbons

Anne-Louise Quinton

Clare Stanhope

Lolly Stewart-Thomas

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