Learn more about how you can get involved with NSEAD's work and our governance too. Art, craft and design advocacy resources, to make the case for our subject, are listed here too


Learn more about our vision and values, how we protect, support and inspire our members and how you can play a part in our professional learning community.

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NSEAD Awards

Nomination Deadline: 22 April 2024! Do you know an institution or someone who has shown inspirational ACDE practice? Maybe it's you! Wherever this amazing…

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Art, craft & design is for
Arts in schools

This section will provide you with a variety of advocacy resources, films and documents which will help you, your department, your school or university…

APPG 2017
All-Party Parliamentary Group

Learn more about our All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education and how the APPG is helping our members and our subject

NSEAD Artist Educator Directory

The NSEAD professional community represents many different sectors, educational phases and settings, and includes Artist Educators.Artist Educators are…

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Oak and NSEAD curriculum partnership

Art Matters, Teachers Matter, Learners Matter! We believe that all learners have an entitlement to art, craft and design education that is underpinned…

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Anti-Racist Art Education Action Group

The Anti-Racist Art Education Action (ARAEA) group was set up in July 2020 to ensure that NSEAD, our subject and all who engage in it, are actively anti-racist.

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Research Groups

Our Research Groups are formed by NSEAD members to address a specific issue faced by our subject and/or our community of art educators. Each Research…

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Regional Networks

This section showcases existing regional network groups and provides information and support for members seeking to join or set up a new network group