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Curriculum guidance

The curriculum resources located in this section provide links, guidance and support materials for the curriculums in England, Scotland and Wales. For…

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Health and Safety Legislation
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Health & Safety
Health and Safety

As with any practical activity, there is an element of risk in art and design activities. However, this can be kept to an acceptable minimum if those…

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Design in art and design

This section of our website is focused on design and seeks to provide a resource for art educators working with and advocating for the position and value…

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Life After Lockdown

The Life After Lockdown Project is designed to create a national Web Gallery of work created by young people in these unprecedented times. It will provide…

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clown-like picture of child's head in bright colours
Units of Work

Art , craft and design lessons and projectsThe Units of Work database has over 50 units of work which are:Art, craft and design projects, lessons and…

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TEA drawing
Drawing projects

Drawing (Think, Expression, Action) resources include case studies, projects and activities which seek to explore and extend teachers' and students' drawing…

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digital media
Digital Media Advice

Guidance for primary and secondary teachers on the scope and use of digital media in the teaching of art, craft & designThis guidance will support…

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Skills in the Making

This section of the website focuses upon the contemporary, heritage and architecture led crafts, and seeks to provide a resource for teachers working…

Defining Craft
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