Frances Akinde

SEND Advisor and Art Advocate

Frances has been a qualified Art teacher for 20 years, working across a variety of settings/phases including primary, secondary, alternative, and special education. Recently Frances stepped down from her role as Headteacher in a secondary special in order to take on a wider supportive role within Special Education.  

Frances taught year 7 Art as part of her headship as she believed it was important that she kept up with current classroom practice.  

She is passionate about Inclusive Art and would like to use her expertise to support the work of NSEAD to ensure that art is accessible to all. Frances is a member of the NSEAD Anti-racist art education action group (ARAEA) and truly believes whilst there is much work to do, that change is coming and is excited about the impact this group has had already and continues to make. 

Frances is an active artist, her work focuses on identity exploring sense of self and spirituality.