We need your help with the APPG subject survey 2022

The APPG four-nation Art Education Survey is now launched. The survey, which closes in one month, will provide evidence of the impact that government policies have had on art, craft and design education – before, during and after the pandemic.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design (ACD) in Education are looking for educators of ACD in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to complete a short survey (5-10 minutes). The survey is open to art educators from all phases, Early Years to sixth form. You do not need to be a specialist, e.g. you could be a generalist primary teacher who teaches ACD.

The survey builds on the NSEAD Survey 2015-16 with many of the same questions repeated for comparison. This new survey, co-authored with our APPG, will provide evidence of the impact of ongoing policy changes on our subject, on teachers, children and young people.

The survey results will provide essential data that will contribute to a 2022 survey report. The evidence we collect will help us advocate for our subject by identifying the impact of government policies on art, craft and design provision; the value given to our subject; teacher wellbeing and changes to continuing professional development (CPD).

Take the survey here before the deadline of 15 March 2022.

It will take around 5-10 minutes. All data is anonymous.