Funding cuts to arts higher education courses to go ahead

Despite a large-scale campaign and opposition to the proposed funding cuts to higher education arts courses, The Office for Students (OfS) have confirmed that the cuts – which equate to a 50 per cent reduction – will go ahead.The news is deeply disappointing. 

NSEAD believes that there can be no justification for the crushing of two jewels in the UK's crown: Our creative industries and our world-renowned higher education arts courses. On every level the cuts will have a catastrophic impact on the talent pipeline into the creative industries and the local communities served by arts focused universities. The announcement bears witness to year-on-year governmental policies that do not recognise or value the importance of arts education.

The Office for Standards have confirmed the decrease noting: 'For subjects where reductions are to be applied, this subsidy will be reduced from £243 per full-time student per year (in 2020-21) to £121.50.' 

Whilst the OfS suggests that this is 1 per cent of the course fee and OfS funding combined we believe the 50 percent cut of funding per student will have a huge impact on provision and even standards. 

A further blow to universities operation in the capital, is the removal of subsidies for universities and colleges operating in London. This will be double blow for arts courses in universities operating in the capital. 

We will continue to work with NSEAD members, patrons and partner organisations to oppose the cuts, rally and support those most impacted by the announcements. 

Please continue to share and use the hashtag #ArtIsEssential on social media.

Read the report OfS funding reforms announcement here