NSEAD’s Response to the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Market Review Consultation

NSEAD’s response to the ITT Market Review consultation is shared here. We have encouraged all members with an interest in ITE to submit a response to the consultation.

As the subject association and professional body for UK based art and design teachers we are committed to ensuring that training in our subject is of the highest possible quality.  We recognise that there is always room for improvement in any system, no matter how well-performing. Curriculum design and pedagogy within art, craft and design is complex and an evolving and creative practice; we support the principle of review and continuous improvement. However, we are concerned that this report ignores current successful practice, which is very disappointing for those involved in the sector – it demonstrates a lack of professional recognition. 

We dislike the term ‘training’ and instead prefer to use the term ITE (initial teacher education), believing this to be a far more accurate and holistic description of the professional learning that takes place in preparing new teachers for their future careers.

We call for a more holistic view of learning within our subject, recognising that quality of trainee outcomes and impact on children and young people’s learning are as important, if not more so, than the teacher training curriculum itself. ITE should be on a constant upward trajectory, but the bottom line is what difference will these recommendations make to children and young people?  

NSEAD has gathered feedback from our members, led by Dr Emese Hall, which informs our detailed response to the consultation.

Read NSEAD's full response here