NSEAD Governance Elections 2023 – the Results!

The elections for Council, President and General Secretary have concluded. All posts have been filled, all elected unopposed. We are delighted to welcome eight new members who will take up office on NSEAD Council on 1 January 2024 for a three-year term.

We have a wonderful range of expertise and experience from across the UK, representing all phases and sectors of art education. 

Please welcome Abbie Cairns, FE and adult education and researcher; Kevin Dalton-Johnson, artist, researcher, secondary and SEND; Zenab Bhuta, primary education; Kathryn Tindale, artist educator; Simone Maier, HE and researcher; Faye Shyllion, SEND; Toby Saville, FE; Lynne Calland, artist educator. Welcome all. 

We also welcome Lucy Kennedy, Director of the National Saturday Club and Professor Ron George as co-opted members. Welcome Lucy, and welcome back Ron. 

Vice President Andy Ash is elected as our President for 2025 and will work alongside President Marlene Wylie as President Elect throughout next year. Congratulations to Andy. 

Michele Gregson was nominated by a simple majority of Council to continue in the role of General Secretary, no other nominations were submitted, and she goes forward elected unopposed for the term 2024-2029. Congratulations Michele. 

We are excited to look forward to the next chapter in the NSEAD history, with a fantastic Governance and leadership team to steer us through. 

Any messages or questions for any members of the NSEAD Governance team are welcomed, and should be sent via [javascript protected email address]