Visualise: Race & Inclusion in Art Education – Call for Evidence

An important call for evidence from the Runnymede Trust and Freelands Foundation:

'In 2021 the Runnymede Trust and Freelands Foundation announced a ground-breaking partnership to deliver the first major research commissioned into race and inclusion in art education. Our aim is to make the teaching, learning and making of the visual arts in the UK more inclusive.

'We know that ethnic minority students face a broken pathway through their art education. By A level, they select art courses at half the rate of their white peers and are decreasingly represented in student populations and subsequently the sector. We are working to change that.

'We’re producing landmark research to understand the barriers, offer practical solutions and create a new generation of artists. Now we need your help.

'We are calling for evidence from individuals and organisations to provide testimonies and insights into these important areas of research. This will help us to identify gaps in existing knowledge and provide a 360-degree perspective from multiple stakeholders on ethnic inequalities within art education and the visual arts. Teachers, students, parents, art educators, artists, curators and organisations, national and local community workers – we want to hear from you

'We are also building a Co-Commission Advisory Group of experts from the visual art and education sectors, to interpret the findings of the research and to create real, evidence-based change. Our co-commission is an opportunity to work with industry experts, young people, artists and teachers to make a lasting impact on the visual arts sector in Britain. If you are interested in joining our Co-Commission, find out more, and get in touch today.'