Unleashing the power and potential of creativity, new report

Creative Industries Federation and Creative England have jointly published a  new report, The UK Creative Industries: unleashing the power and potential of creativity. It is the first publication from the newly formed Creative UK Group.

The report and the campaign, both designed in collaboration with members, aim to show the world just how essential the UK’s creative industries really are and crucially, the incredible potential of creativity, to regenerate places, rebuild the economy, drive innovation and create jobs in all parts of the UK.

The Creative UK Group are calling for investment into: 1. Creative ideas to help us combat society’s biggest problems. 2. Creative Industries to regenerate our places, driving job creation, economic growth, opportunity and community cohesion. 3. Creative skills to create future-proof jobs.

The irony was not lost on NSEAD members that the report was published on the same day that Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, confirmed a 50 percent cuts to HEI arts courses. 

It is deeply concerning, indeed bewildering that two Secretaries of State have written the foreword for the Report. The Rt Hon Oliver Dowden MP CBE, Secretay of State for DCMS and The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP Secretary of State for BEIS. They write: Our world-class Creative Industries are one of the UK’s greatest success stories. Dynamic, groundbreaking and with a truly global reach, they increasingly drive
our economy - with employment having grown at roughly three times the national average over the past decade.

'...and government has a vital role to play to help unlock this potential and support the continued growth and success of the UK’s vibrant Creative Industries. We will consider the recommendations set out in the report, and look forward to working with the Creative UK Group and our world-leading Creative Industries towards this common goal, as we build back better from the pandemic.'

We will be asking how can the pipeline which serves the creative industries be shored up, when today, Gavin Williamson has also announced a 50 percent cut to arts in higher education? 

Download the report and it's recommendations here.