Organise, Educate, Agitate

Issue 40

By: Edited by Sophie Leach
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AD Issue 40

This issue of AD magazine focusses on NSEAD's manifesto for change, and the transformative power of art, craft and design education. For the entitlement of all learners to an excellent arts education this issue lists NSEAD's three key priorities and all 12 manifesto actions Every page is filled with inspiration and the changes that can be achieved in and through art, craft and design education.

This is our 40th issue of AD magazine! To celebrate our birthday and in this election year, this special manifesto issue is now open access. 

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The NSEAD art, craft and design education manifesto poster; Designed by Libby Scarlett

Contributors to this issue:

Olivia Burton: To open eyes – a homage to Black Mountain College Olivia Burton

Dr Emese Hall: Art education for the environment and climate emergency, and why it matters 

Michele Gregson: Our art educator manifesto

Libby Scarlett: Making the manifesto poster

Wayne Roberts: All can achieve in art

Paul Carney:  An HLP manifesto

Neil Walton: Art history is central to art education 

Seán Taylor: NSEAD’s trade union priorities

NSEAD Council and research groups: Our manifesto for art, craft and design education 

Jolie Hockings: Preserving the archive

Teresa Smith: Protecting space for the arts in ITE 

Sam Hobbs: Power to the people

Kaytie Holdstock: I’m rubbish at art

Sarah Phillips: Opening up access to the built environment 

Martin Darbyshire: Responsive curriculums

Kathy Coates-Mohammed and Stephanie Bartholet: On an art education mission



Organise, Educate, Agitate (2023), Sam Hobbs, NSEAD