International Journal of Art & Design Education

2021 Volume 40: Number 2


Justin Makemson – The Only Artist in My Family: Selective Self-Identi fication in University-Level Art Students 

Hyun-Kyung Lee and Joo Eun Park – Designing a New Empathy-Oriented Prototyping Toolkit for the Design Thinking Process: Creativity and Design Sensibility

Li Ye, Hanjun Su, Jing Zhao and  Yongxin Hang – The Impact of Multimedia Effect on Art Learning: Eye Movement Evidence from

Traditional Chinese Pattern Learning 

Janice Rieger and Annie Rolfe Breaking Barriers: Educating Design Students about Inclusive Design through an Authentic Learning Framework 

Yaron Meron – Terminology and Design Capital: Examining the Pedagogic Status of Graphic Design through Its Practitoners’ Perceptions of Their Job Titles 

Branka Marinkovic – Tacit Knowledge in Painting: From Studio to Classroom 

Carlos Escaño, Ana Maeso-Broncano – Art Education and Development Cooperation:

and Julia Mañero – A Project in Educational Centres for Children with Special Needs in India 

Clare Woolhouse, Charlotte Hastings – Perspectives on Inclusion: Close Encounters of and Fiona Hallett the Creative Kind 

Bridget Green – Revisiting the Conceptual Domain: Educational Knowledge and the Visual Arts 

Mathew Reichertz, John Christie, Bryan Maycock, Jack Wong and Raymond M. Klein – How Do I Know What I See Until I Hear What I Say?