International Journal of Art & Design Education

2022 Volume 41: Number 4

Volume 41, Issue 4


Trish Osler Anita Sinner Lara El Tannir, Intra-spective Event-encounters in Museums: A Pedagogic Practice Among Community Art Educators in Training


Abbie Cairns,An Interrogation into the Need for a New Definition for the Artist-Teacher in Adult Community Learning


Satoshi Ikeda Hiroko Fukuda Siddiqi Mayuko Mori Hiromitsu Kawajiri Misa Hirasawa Takashi Kawaguchi Kaoru Yasuda,An Online Art Project Based on the Affirmative Model of Disability in Japan


Open Access: Raphael Vella, ‘Is This Really Europe?’ Migration, Social Practice and the Performance of Global Citizenship


Kyungeun Lim,Expanding Multimodal Artistic Expression and Appreciation Methods through Integrating Augmented Reality


Open Access: Jaana Kärnä-Behm, Learning Generative Design Methods: Higher Education Students Developing Toolkits


Open Access Tejas Dhadphale Brad Wicks, Participatory Stakeholder Engagement in Design Studio Education


Özlem Erdoğdu Erkarslan Yenal Akgün,Incorporating United Nations 2030 Sustainable Future Agenda into the Architectural Studio: A Graduation Studio Case


Hugo Marx, Inclusivity within Art and Design Education: The Boy Problem


Open Access: Philip Crowther Sarah Briant,Gender-Based Differences in Academic Achievement in a University Design Program