Cultural Capital and Art, Craft and Design Education

In this film Cultural Capital and Art, Craft and Design Education, Clare Stanhope, ARAEA member and checklist editor, head of art and researcher, describes the vital contribution art, craft and design and cultural capital make to our lives. But, in our curriculums, Clare asks whose culture is privileged, who is missing and who has been erased.

This film explores Clare Stanhope's ongoing journey and interrogation of art education and cultural capital. From the fundamental right of every child and young person to explore their creativity, Clare looks at the knowledge, new challenges and gaps in the ‘art adventure’, as well as the vital contributions art, craft and design as well as cultural capital make to our lives, industry and economy. Clare's film is one of nine films, organised by the NSEAD Special Interest Group (SIG) for Cultural Capital. It is a response to the call out and question which asked: What does cultural capital look like – or might look like – in your school or community?


Watch the film here.