Decolonising and diversifying the art curriculum

The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has motivated schools, colleges and universities to examine the cultural diversity of their curricula and move towards the decolonisation of subjects.

Dianne Minnicucci, subject leader for photography and a teacher of art at Thomas Tallis School, and ARAEA member, examines how teachers of art, design, craft and photography can diversify and decolonise their curriculums (first published in AD Issue 30, p. 07-09).

"Decolonisation was necessary for all of us. I am a black woman and I too had to decolonise my thoughts. I felt that I had been conditioned to accept the traditional canon of white, male, western artists as normal. It was uplifting and inspiring for me to unearth a wealth of black artists and photographers. I felt empowered by the work I had discovered during my research and was keen to share my findings with the students so they too could be excited by it."

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