FAQ’s Caveat – Please read carefully

Any advice or information provided within the FAQs section must only be used as generic guidance. This is because across NSEAD membership, NSEAD has members that work across differing countries and across a variety of different types of employers.

Therefore, the FAQs cannot be customised for every employer and all information within this section is of a generic nature.

Accordingly, it is advisable to check what specific terms and conditions you are employed under before making any decisions that could affect you.

Maintained schools (those under Local Authority control) in England are governed by the STPCD (School Teachers’ Pay and Condition Document) – updated annually and the Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales (often referred to as The Burgundy Book) published 2000.

Since 2019, the Welsh Government have held the responsibility for the STPCD for teachers employed in Welsh Schools. Education is also a devolved power and responsibility in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Academy Schools, whilst funded by taxpayers, are essentially autonomous employers and the employees within these schools may be subject to the latest incarnation of the STPCD, a previous version in operation when the school left Local Authority control (through a TUPE process), or they may even have opted out of the STPCD altogether. That said, the STPCD in all Academy schools is not contractual.

Independent Schools operate their own individual contracts and terms and conditions for the staff they employ.

Sixth forms, colleges and FE colleges all operate different terms and conditions to schools and contracts are dependent upon the employer operating the educational establishment.