Q: Does NSEAD have a toolkit for introducing 'Sensitive Topics' into the Art, Craft and Design Curriculum?

Teachers of Art, Craft and Design are best placed to know and understand what benefits the students they teach and what the curriculum should offer. NSEAD supports our members that wish to introduce topics that may be issue-based or sensitive into their curriculum offer.

NSEAD understands that in some instances there may be concern expressed by school leaders, parents, carers and school governors to new proposals and so we have developed a Toolkit to help aid you with explaining your rationale, thinking and planning behind your proposal.

The Toolkit includes two files which can be downloaded below:

  1. NSEAD Checklist – Introducing Sensitive Topics into the Art, Craft and Design Curriculum

This is a series of questions for you to consider, so that prior to presenting your proposal to decision makers in your school, you can prove that you have followed all due diligence requirements and that you have a sound basis for making your proposal.

The level of detail that you include is entirely down to you as an individual  and/or department, however, the checklist provides a thorough overview of things to consider so that your proposal is fully prepared.

To download the Sensitive Issues Checklist click here.

2.         Appendix 1

This is in essence a ‘proposal business plan’ with headings for you to populate with information you can present to your school leadership team.

It covers items such as rationale, learning objectives and outcomes, risk assessment, budgeting and personnel matters.

It can be completed either using Appendix 1 as a template or the headings can be used to formulate your own document to present.

Importantly, while completing the proposal as outlined, is good practice, it is no guarantee that a school leadership team or governing body will approve the proposal request. This is ultimately the decision and determination of the school to make.

However, NSEAD believes that thorough planning and preparation of your proposal, where you can justify your rationale and identify any potential barriers that you may encounter, will enable you to strongly advocate for your proposal and have the evidence at hand to dispel any concerns that may arise. 

To download the Sensitive Issues Appendix, click here.