How much PPA should I be allocated? (Guaranteed planning and preparation time)

According to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document 2021, Section 52.5. 

“All teachers who participate in the teaching of pupils are entitled to reasonable periods of Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time as part of the 1265 hours (1258.5 hours for the school year beginning in 2021), referred to in paragraph 51.5 or pro rata equivalent (as the case may be) to enable the discharge of the professional responsibilities of teaching and assessment. PPA time must be provided in units of not less than half an hour during the school’s timetabled teaching week and must amount to not less than 10% of the teacher’s timetabled teaching time. A teacher must not be required to carry out any other duties during the teacher’s PPA time.”

Therefore, in a 25-hour teaching week, a teacher is allocated 22 hours of direct teaching contact with pupils, with 3 hours non-teaching time.

This means that 2.4 hours of non-teaching time must be classed as PPA, but as PPA must only be allocated in units of 30 minutes or more, then effectively, this allowance become 2.5 hours.

This time (2.5 hours) is for use as determined by the teacher and they cannot be directed to carry out any other duties at this time. For the avoidance of doubt, this means schools cannot use PPA time for Appraisal meetings and such like.

The remaining 30 minutes can be used by school although cover should only ever be issued rarely.