Q: What can I expect from my ECT Induction?

From September 2021, a new induction process known as the Early Career Framework (ECF) came into being. The ECF intention is that the new induction process will provide greater support for new teachers and improve their induction experience.

There are some significant differences between the ECF and the previous induction process, namely that;

  • NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) has been replaced by ECT (Early Career Teacher)
  • ECT induction has increased from 1 year to 2 years
  • Additional support will be introduced


Training and Delivery

Your employer will be partnered with a provider for your core induction programme. There are several providers delivering ECT training. Your school and the provider will provide you with full details of your bespoke programme and you may well discover that some of the induction training content is delivered by your own school.

The core content that the provider must provide includes;

  • Assessment
  • Behaviour management
  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogy
  • Professional behaviours


For most Early Career Teachers, the induction process will run smoothly, as intended, however for others, there may be issues and complications that will require additional support.

If you feel that you are not getting access to your rights as an ECT and appropriate support to allow you to be successful in your induction, then you should contact NSEAD. This is essential, as failure to complete the induction period satisfactorily will mean that you will not be able to be employed as a qualified teacher.

If you believe that you are in real danger of failing your induction or have received communication from your employer that you are likely to fail, then you should contact NSEAD immediately.


ECT Induction Rights (England)

  • 10% reduction in timetabled teaching time in Year 1 and 5% in Year 2. All teachers receive 10% reduction in their timetable for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (known as PPA) as a contractual right and the ECT reduction is in addition to PPA.
  • Example – based on a 25-hour teaching week
  • All teachers PPA entitlement = 10% = 2.5 hours
  • ECT 10% reduction in Year 1 = PPA + 2.5 hours
  • ECT 5% reduction in Year 2 = PPA + 1.25 hours
  • The right to NOT be timetabled outside of the age range or subject specialism for which you have been trained.
  • The right to access and experience the planning procedures used by other teachers.
  • The right to support from a mentor for the full 2 years
  • Your mentor should be fully trained in this role
  • Your mentor should provide you with uninterrupted / focused meetings
  • The right to an induction mentor or tutor
  • The right not to routinely teach classes or individual children that present with difficult and challenging disciplinary problems.
  • The right to access and benefit from the training and support requirements as st out in the ECF.
  • The right to teach the same classes regularly.
  • The right to receive regular feedback and support on your progress.
  • The right to a thoroughly planned and comprehensive induction support programme.
  • The right to be alerted at the earliest opportunity of any issues (real or perceived) with your progress.
  • The right to be treated with dignity as a teaching professional.


For most ECT’s, induction will be a hugely rewarding period, where you will be able to make some fantastic progress while learning the demands and rigours of becoming a teacher.

As an NSEAD member, you benefit from being part of a vibrant community of Art, Craft and Design teachers, who are all part of a combined Professional Subject Association, Learned Society and Trade Union. We offer dedicated support and training to help you navigate every stage of your career, including our ‘Mind The Art Gap’ programme for Art and Design ECT members.

Our members are all passionate advocates for our subject and we certainly wish you every success as you navigate through the demands of your induction period.

Remember though, we are only ever a phone call or email away if you need to call upon us, and our members-only Facebook group is a vibrant and rich source of information and inspiration.