Q: What should and shouldn't I be using gained time for?

'Gained time' is the time at the end of the school year once timetabled classes have finished after examinations are completed.

There is no connection between gained time and cover. 

Those teachers who have gained time should use it for professional duties, such as: 

  • Developing/revising departmental/subject curriculum materials, schemes of work, lesson plans and policies in preparation for the new academic year. This may include
  • developing/identifying appropriate materials for use by and in support of, for example, non-specialist colleagues or supply staff, as appropriate 
  • Responding to examination specification changes
  • Elective CPD 


Gained time will reduce workload for those who get it and will also provide some ‘pay-back’ for work done throughout the year on such tasks as: 

  • Report writing – scheduled and ad hoc 
  • Marking and Assessment 
  • Meeting parents about individual pupils 
  • Telephone calls to parents 
  • Dealing with emails 
  • Supervising pupils in detentions 


These suggested uses for gained time also help the school/college by giving additional planning time to teachers and, therefore, assisting the school in meeting its statutory obligation to put downward pressure on workload.