GCSE art and design numbers have fallen sharply this year

As predicted the total number of art and design GCSEs taken this year has fallen sharply from 194,637 to 183,085 candidates. The reduction of 11,552 candidates is the biggest decline recorded since 2000. More...


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Art History A-level to end

On Wednesday 12 October 2016, AQA the last exam board in England to offer art history A-level announced it would be dropping the subject from 2018.

The Association of Art Historians (AHH) described the decision as a ‘significant loss’ for young people. More...

A new Crafts Council report 'Studying Craft 16' shows craft education is at risk

Findings in Studying Craft 16 show a sector facing an unsustainable model for educating and training current and future makers. More...

14-19 Education – A new Baccalaureate

Edge Foundation publish a landmark paper by Lord Kenneth Baker, which makes the case for a broad and balanced baccalaureate to include a creative subject. More...

GCE art and design numbers decline

Art and design GCEs numbers have continued to decline. And, whilst other subjects have seen a decrease in AS-Level candidate numbers, art and design, with a 33.4 per cent decrease has seen one of the biggest declines. More...

NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16

The report documents the findings of NSEAD's largest and most comprehensive survey to date and answers the question: 'In the last five years how has government policy impacted on art, craft and design education?' More...

When other trade unions apart from NSEAD are taking industrial action

In such circumstances or occasions where members work alongside colleagues who are members of other trade unions who are taking industrial action the following advice must be taken. More...

Include expressive arts subjects in the Ebacc parliamentary debate, ask your MP to attend

The Parliamentary Petition, which criticises the exclusion of art, drama, music and other creative subjects reached 100,000 signatures. This has triggered a debate in the House of Commons which will consider the implications of the EBacc and its detrimental impact on arts subjects in schools. More...

New research shows an overall decline in art, craft and design qualification completions

New research by NSEAD indicates there has been an overall decline in art, craft and design qualification completions in the last five years. More...

#CreativeJourneys films - career choices in and advocacy for art and design

This fantastic new film explains why studying art and design and design and technology have value – value in terms of learning and value in terms of career choice. More...

New figures published by the DCMS

New figures published today reveal that the UK’s Creative Industries are now worth £84.1 billion per year to the UK economy and that the sector growing at almost twice the rate of the wider UK economy.

Generation Art: Young Artists on Tour film

This short film shows the outstanding and wide-ranging work submitted to Generation Art.

New film: A message from Bob and Roberta Smith

In partnership with our colleagues at the Campaign for Drawing we have commissioned a film of our patron Bob and Roberta Smith talking about why we should teach art in schools. More...

Trade Union support

NSEAD is an independent trade union

Teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers and Newly Qualified Lecturers, and Life Members in the United Kingdom have the option to receive full trade union benefits. For a membership fee comparable to other unions the NSEAD provides not only trade union services but all the functions of a specialist subject association and learned society.

School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2013

Following the acceptance of the recommendations in the School Teachers’ Review Body's 21st report of 5 December 2012, the government has now published the draft School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document together with departmental advice which has been produced to assist schools in reviewing and revising their approach to teachers’ pay. More....

Art and Design Jobs

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If you are currently a member of NSEAD, or become a member of NSEAD during 2015-16, you (your school, college or university) can advertise an art and design educator post here for free. Contact NSEAD for more information. If you are not a member, but wish to advertise a vacancy, please contact NSEAD for information and fees.


Why join NSEAD

Learn more about NSEAD, read what our members say and the benefits of becoming a member of the only professional subject association for art, craft and design.

Professional Development

Where have all the boys gone

Two one-day courses in Gateshead, (Thursday 10 Nov) and London (Thursday 26 January 2017) provide strategies to overcome the underachievement of boys in art and design.

Regional Network Meetings

Visit our continuing professional development section for details of regional network events and meetings.

Curriculum Resources

A new Curriculum section

This section provides links to the curriculums in England, Scotland and Wales. NSEAD has also provided a parallel, alternative curriculum to that published by the DfE in 2013. It aims to move the Curriculum in England forward and support teachers and IT providers in their understanding of the nature, depth and breadth of art, craft and design. Resources developed by the Art & Design Expert Advisory Group are also located in this section.


E-update Archive

Our E-updates keep NSEAD members informed of recent developments and opportunities for art, craft and design educators. An archive of recent E-updates is available to members by following this link.

Careers progression in art and design

This guidance is for teachers and leaders of art and design in secondary schools and FE colleges who are involved in recruitment, either as interviewers or interviewees. It will help those who are applying for teaching posts, by providing insight into the nature of the selection process. This is a members only section, please log in before visiting this resource

Social Networking: guidelines for educators

NSEAD's guidelines for members using social networks are designed to support your safe use of social media. The areas explored are key benefits, security and conduct.

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Regional Network Groups

This new section of the website seeks to showcase existing regional network groups and provide information and support for members looking to join or set up a new network group.


Craft in education

This section of the website focuses upon the contemporary, heritage and architecture led crafts, and seeks to provide a resource for teachers working with and advocating for the position and value of craft in education.


iJADE 35.3

The most recent issue of iJADE is now available online. Don't forget you have to be logged into the NSEAD website before the link to the Wiley Interscience site is visible on the iJADE page.

AD magazine and poster, issue #17

This issue of AD includes a lead feature written by Professor Dennis Atkinson and the IWM's learning department provide insights into how themes of conflict are explored in the museum. More...

International Journal of Art & Design Education

As an NSEAD member you have access to all iJADE articles published since 1982. To access past issues NSEAD members should log in and click here.

Art and Design Primary Coordinator's Handbook

The Art and Design Primary Coordinator's Handbook is now published by Belair in association with NSEAD. The Handbook was originally written by John Bowden and has been revised by Peter Gregory and Susan Ogier. NSEAD members please follow this link to purchase your copy for only £18.99; If you are not a member of NSEAD but would like to purchase a copy for £19.99 please follow this link. The RRP is £19.99. Prices includes p&p (UK only).

Teaching Art 7-11 by Nigel Meager

Teaching Art 7-11 is published by Belair in association with NSEAD, and is available from NSEAD's online bookshop.

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Book review: Drawing Projects for Children by Paula Briggs

Two key principles set this book in a different class to many others offering ‘how to’ guidance. Firstly, the premise of this publication is to increase the opportunities for children with making through fostering their interest in creative activity. More...

Back issues of iJADE

The complete texts of all back issues of jADE/iJADE are available on line to members from Vol. 1 No.1, 1982 and are searchable via the abstracts. Make sure you log on to access this feature! Remember you must be an NSEAD member or iJADE subscriber to download copies from the Wiley-Blackwell website.

AD Magazine

NSEAD members can now read or download back issues of AD magazine online. Visit the AD Archive here. Please make sure you are logged in to read AD online.

AD is now published at the beginning of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Issue #16 has just been sent to members.

Contributions are welcome from all phases of education. Guidance on writing primary articles is available here and an AD magazine house style guide is available here. To download a sample copy AD or to subscribe, follow this LINK.

NSEAD Consultant Members

NSEAD Consultants Members Database

The Society has identified a cohort of members who are working as consultants offering their professional advice and services within the context of art, craft and design education on an independent basis. Details of consultants who are also members and who have been accepted to join this section of the website can be found here.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education is an informal cross-party group which is run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords. The secretariat is organised by NSEAD. The APPG for Art, Craft and Design in Education meets in Westminster a minimum of once per term.

Details of meetings, presentations and papers given, as well as contact details of members are available in this section.