About the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Backbone Grant

In 2021, NSEAD received a Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) Backbone Fund grant, which lasts for five years, is unrestricted and aims to underpin leading organisations that contribute to the overall health of the arts and other sectors.

The Backbone Fund is part of its commitment to civil society and its leaders, and enables key organisations to resource their core services and plan strategically for the long term, helping to build resilience in the voluntary sector. 

You can learn more about the Backbone grant awarded to NSEAD here.


About the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) was established by Paul Hamlyn in 1987. He died in 2001 and left most of his estate to the Foundation, creating one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. PHF use their resources to support social change, working towards a just and equitable society in which everyone, especially young people, can realise their full potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives.


You can learn more about the Paul Hamlyn Foundation by visiting its website.