What we do and what we stand for

What we do

Protecting your interests as the art, craft and design educators’ Professional Body. We are a specialist Trade Union, subject association and learned society with unique collective expertise in art, craft & design education.

Inspiring art, craft and design education, by finding and promoting outstanding practice, creating learning materials, generating research, knowledge and debate. 

Supporting the profession through our community and by collaborating with a diverse range of partners, organisations and individuals to achieve common goals.

Leading the national debate, by presenting robust evidence and ensuring that it is acted upon by the widest possible range of opinion formers, policy makers and stakeholders.

Working within a global community. We are active on international platforms through our iJADE publication and conference, and through affiliation to the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA).


What we stand for

We believe in a just and equitable society that values high quality art, craft and design education. Led by and accountable to our members, we protect and promote our subject and your professional interests to achieve that vision.


How we lead through our values

Educating - we are learned and learning, expanding knowledge and ambition

Expert - we are a source of reliable information, guidance and support 

Equitable -  we believe in equality, fairness and justice for all members

Collective - we support each other to achieve our shared mission and vision

Challenging - We protect your professional interests and promote better practice