Action Research Group: Better practice in Art, Craft and Design

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for Better Practice was formed in 2020. Identified as a key priority by NSEAD members, the Group are collaborating to define and build guidance for better curriculum design, pedagogy and learning approaches in our subject. The group's guidance or ‘aide memoir’, is called the Big Landscape for Art, Craft and Design Education.

The Big Landscape will identify and signpost the concepts, approaches and the purpose of learning in and through art, craft and design. It will be published in AD magazine available to members in May 2023.; and online later in the summer term.

ThisSIG is formed of NSEAD members and officers: Ged Gast (F&GP), professor Andy Ash (chair), Deidre Robson, Ian Thompson, Liz Lawrence, Anna Pickard, Toby Saville, Kerry Kibson, Paul Brennan, Marllene Wylie (president of NSEAD), Michele Gregson and Sophie Leach. This is a cross-phase group who are seeking to connect curriculum research with practice that can be applied locally and nationally. Thank you to Anne Pickard who helped design our new toolkit and Rayvenn D'Clark who is project managing the Big Landscape.

Members of NSEAD Forum serve on this Group and - they began their work in February 2020 and have continued to meet regularly to build this important new resource. If you would like to learn more about their work, please email

Please note: The Big Landscape for Art, Craft and Design, will be published in AD as a large format poster and available to members in May 2023. Find out more about  member benefits, or join NSEAD here.