Kevin Dalton-Johnson

Kevin is a Black professional artist, teacher and academic driven by an incredible passion for self-expression and decolonisation through art. His many artworks are often noted for their unique powerful style and technique. He has developed an innovative style that blends his experiences as a Windrush first generation British-Jamaican with his pedagogic practice and doctoral research. Through the conflation of crafted practices, seeks to decolonise, emancipate and celebrate Blackness to promote equality and openness.  Kevin's sculptures, paintings and installations have been featured in galleries and museums across the international stage and they appear in numerous private collections. 

Kevin graduated from Leeds University and for 25 years Kevin has worked in Manchester as a visual artist and teacher. He has taught at numerous schools and colleges and has initiated numerous art projects and workshops across the UK using his extensive pedagogic experience. He is also a commissioned artist who has created the successful permanent sculpture ‘Captured Africans,’ the first memorial public sculpture to memorialise enslaved Africans. 


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