Better Practice: Colonial Legacy, revising the art, craft and design curriculum

NSEAD’s aims for every art educator to critically review, revise, and decolonise their curriculum. Our vision is for every child to achieve their potential and to put their hands up and say ‘I am here, see me’*

Dates: This course is available now on our e-learning platform

Duration: 2-hour course broken down into four sections 


Better Practice: Colonial Legacy is a practical guide to support the understanding of colonial legacy in your art, craft and design curriculum. It is the first of a series of courses exploring NSEAD’s anti-racist, art education action (ARAEA) resources. 


This training can be completed as a one-off session or alongside other modules in our Better Practice series.

Designed also to be used by both individuals and teams this course provides art educators with a clear guide to lead discussions on how you can decolonise and improve your curriculum.


This course is for you if...

  • You want your curriculum to acknowledge the impact of colonial rule and the richness of pre-colonial civilisations and communities
  • You are aiming to start or continue your journey to be actively anti-racist art educator
  • You are looking for practical guidance to critically review, revise and decolonise your curriculum
  • You are looking for practical support to explore colonial legacy in your art curriculum 


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course your department will feel confident to critically review, revise and decolonise your art curriculum. You will be able to explore and address colonial legacy within your curriculum with a solid understanding of how to properly contextualise the art and artists you are covering. 

You will have an introduction and access to the ARAEA Checklists, resources, reading lists and prompt cards to continue your journey and to apply this learning to your curriculum planning, practice and pedagogical approaches.

Don’t forget! This course is part of a Better Practice suite of courses exploring different topics to help you develop an actively anti-racist curriculum – find out more here.


More Course details

This is an NSEAD e-learning course, delivered through a series of videos and resources available to study at your own pace either as an individual or as a department at a time that works for you. 


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* Learn more about the young people who started the ‘Hands Up’ campaign in our special ARAEA AD magazine, issue 36, 2022. Thank you to Marlene Wylie, guest editor, and Dr Clare Stanhope who for authoring Who is seen, who is heard? Hands up![



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