Marlene Wylie

NSEAD President and Creative Education Consultant, Marlene Wylie will deliver her keynote talk - A Race Against Time: Art Education in a time of crisis live in Chester on Saturday 25th November


It’s all about timing. The need for us to move with urgency towards an equitable and anti-racist Art Education is as pressing as ever. Working in art education at this time in our global history, we frequently find ourselves amongst the time-poor, caught in the compounding issues of reduced funding, teacher shortage, lack of confidence on addressing racism, the cost-of-living crisis and the climate change emergency. These multi challenges and many more, creating a perfect storm has prompted a plethora of research inquiries, explorations, and reflections in response. Speaking from the personal and the political and drawing on Marlene’s experience as the first Black President of NSEAD in its 135-year history, this keynote explores how we can balance the need to act with confidence, clarity, and swiftness with the vital need for deep critical reflection on ourselves and our environments. In this race against time, what education, training, resources and support are we able to offer each other to maintain momentum and a sense of unity and togetherness in the challenges we face at this time?




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